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This pack has been put togther to help balance, align and open the chakra's.

Our Seven Chakra's Crystal Pack Includes;


1x Red Jasper Tumblestone (Root Chakra)

Red Jasper is used for grounding and stimulating the Root Chakra, encouraging courage & bravery, taking control of your life and blocking negative energies.


1x Carnelian Tumblestone (Sacral Chakra)

Carnelian is used to stimulate the Sacral Chakra, encouraging concentration and confidence, libido, letting go of past bad experiences and letting go of resentment, and promoting good life changes


1x Gold Tiger Eye Tumblestone (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Gold Tiger Eye is used to stimulate the Solar Plexus Chakra. It's used for compassion, good fortune, clarity of mind, focus and bravery


1x Green Aventurine Tumblestone (Heart Chakra)

Green Aventurine is used for stimulating the Heart Chakra. A pure, uncomplicated crystal which can cleanse the aura in difficult times, is great to use when difficult decisions need to be made


1x Angelite Tumblestone (Throat Chakra)

Angelite is used for stimulating the Throat Chakra. Fantastic for meditation, connecting to your higher self, communication, sleep, peaceful and lucid dreaming, love and blocking negativity


1x Sodalite Tumblestone (Third Eye Chakra)

Sodalite is used for stimulating the Third Eye Chakra, it is used for logic, intuition, listening to the voice inside you, being more spiritually aware and of course, meditation


1x Amethyst Tumblestone (Crown Chakra)

Amethyst is used to stimulate the Crown Chakra. A protective crystal, bringing calm, spirituality, clarity of mind, creativity, clear judgement and understanding your own needs, wants and desires


1x Organza Bag




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