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SKU: SelChargBeYou

This beautifully engraved Selenite charging plate is perfect for cleansing and charging your crystals and crystal jewlery and is also a great reminder to Be Yourself. Just like crystals, we are all unique.


More About Selenite
Selenite is a crystallised form of gypsum and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, varying considerably in colour. It is a soft and very fragile crystal and is formed on Salt Plains, about two feet below the surface.

The energy of all colours and forms of selenite promote a feeling of spirituality and encourage connection with the divine. Selenite has a gentle and fine vibration is often associated with opening up the crown chakra and also accessing angelic consciousness. Larger pieces of selenite can be placed in your home to help bring peace and divine influences. Some people use selenite as a tool when accessing past life material or for use when meditating.

The clear form of the crystal, in particular, represents clarity, reminding us to aim to think clearly and without prejudice. Note: be careful if you cleanse selenite as, although some contact with water is okay, it's a soft mineral and could deteriorate if left in water for long periods of time.


To cleanse or charge your crystals, lay them next to or on your Selenite Cleansing Stone for at least 6 hours.


Size 7cm (70mm) approx.

Weight 145-160g approx.

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