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Please note each one is unique and individual and will vary slightly from the picture shown

Dimensions Height about 3.2 cm (~ 1.25 inches). Length from nose to tail is 4.3 cm (~1.6 inches)


Chakra: Heart

Birthstone: January

Zodiac: Taurus

Hardness on the Mohs scale: 7

Also known as: The Love Stone, The Heart Stone, Pink Quartz


Used for: It is widely believed among crystal healers to promote and help with love, relationships, self love, attracting love, promote inner feelings of peace & calm, good luck, wealth, abundance, release emotional blockages, clear chakra blockages, as well as balancing other chakras. It's also believed to help overcome feelings of not being 'good' enough, self-criticism and resentment. It reminds us that when you love yourself and are happy in the moment there is no need for haste. Rose quartz embraces the one true currency of life, love.

  • More information about Rose Quartz

    The Greek myth tells us Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love & Beauty rushed down from the heavens to save a dying Adonis, as she couldn't bear to be without her mortal love, in her rush she cut herself on a briar bush. As she held him in her arms their blood combined to form Rose Quartz gemstones after it stained the white quartz pink. The fusion of their blood led Zeus to show compassion as he brought Adonis back to Aphrodite for six months a year, leading the Love Stone to become the central symbol of reconciliation and undying love. The myth goes that he brought the pink gemstone down from the heavens (Olympus) to spread love and romance around the mortal world. The romantic qualities of the beautiful pink stone were thought so powerful that they would inspire love in humankind.


    Rose Quartz was also part of Eros' (Cupid's) story as the god of desire, love and attraction.


    In Egyptian Mythology the goddess of life, motherhood & fertility, Isis, would adopt the otherworldly qualities of the beautiful Rose Quartz to rub on her forehead, eyes and cheeks in order to prevent the effects of aging. Her divine youth made her the ultimate bringer of life & beauty & many of her youthful qualities were believed to be down to Rose Quartz.


    Rose quartz has been found in prized items such as facial masks in Egyptian tombs as it was thought to possess outer powers of beauty.

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