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SKU: 544734

Chakra: Third Eye, Root

Zodiac: All Zodiacs

Element: Earth

Planet: Earth, Sun

Hardness on the Mohs scale: 7 - 8

Also known as: Fossilised Wood

Country of origin: India


Petrified Wood is both a fossil and a crystal. Pieces of trees from millions of years ago have slowly over time had their body replaced by minerals which has turned them in to stones. Petrified Wood is perfect for reading the Akashic records and for past life or ancestral healing. They have been well regarded in ancient times and were believed to be magic and have magic properties. It is thought Petrified Wood has an abundance of ancient earthen energy within it, along with the knowledge from the tree that they were created from. They are also thought to hold great knowledge from past generations of people and nature. Petrified Wood is a fantastic grounding crystal and can really connect you with mother earth. It can help you to feel calm, alleviate stress and anxiety, and stabalise energies. Petrified Wood is a great stone for helping the user to realise what truly matters to them, and what does not. It is also a perfect crystal for meditation. 

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