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Chakra: Root, Heart, Solar Plexus, Third Eye
Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Leo
Element: Earth
Mohs scale: 6-7
Also known as: Mook Jasper, Australian Jasper
Country of origin: Australia


Mookaite, named after the Mooka creek in Western Australia where it is found, is used by Aboriginal people to connect to a place they call "Dreamtime". Dreamtime is a place beyond space and time where there is no such past, present or future, there is no concept of time here, all is one. Mookaite encourages the user to be just a spiritual being when it comes to it, not being young or old, right or left, just one with the universe. Mookaite is used to connect with spirit animals, spirit guides and ancient ancestors. The Aboriginals have used Mookaite through out time to create pendants, amulets and talismans to help the bearer ward off negativity and keep the user safe


Crystals sold individually, image is shown for variety & example, all crystals are natural and unique

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