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Dimensions Height of Dalmation Jasper dog is about 4 cm (~ 1.5 inches)

This is a wonderful seated crystal dog with the dalmation jasper giving each animal its unique markings

More About Jasper
The family of jasper stones have an energy that's very grounding and stabilizing. They promote the need to reduce insecurity, guilt, worry and fear and remind us of our connection with mother earth. Jasper is a great stone to have around if you're in need of healing, or if you're a healer, as it can be a useful tool for re-balancing the aura. Due to its grounding abilities, it's a good stone to hold or have close by if you're meditating, healing or involved in similar activities. It can be held in the hand whilst you visualize roots sprouting forth from your feet, securing and grounding you to the earth.

More About the Symbol of the Dog
The energy that dogs carry is that of assistance, friendship, guidance and protection. Generally if dogs are treated well they tend to love unconditionally and be loyal. In China dogs are considered auspicious. In Celtic belief they are often associated with heroism, courage and persistence. For Native Americans often they are associated with protection and community. These are very generalised meanings, but we are so often with dogs we can forget the energies they bring. Wearing jewellery or having they symbols of dog can help remind us of these energies.


Used for: It is widely believed among crystal healers to help with balancing the Yin and Yang energies of the body, loyalty, fidelity, libido, clarity of mind, compassion, pychic protection, luck, good fortune, business, anger, fear,letting go of resentment,  irrational fear of dogs, helps to calm animals, communication, sleep, sense of humour, emotions, self-awareness, self belief positivity, dispelling negativity.  Dalmatian Stone was referred to in ancient Assyrian,Greek, Hebrew and Latin texts where it was used as a protection amulet, it was believed to warn the wearer of danger and fortify the spirit. The dark spots are caused by Tourmaline deposits, which adds the energy of spiritual grounding and psychic protection to this stone

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