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Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth, Fire

Mohs Scale: 5-5.5

Country Of Origin: Mexico 

Also Known As: Lava Glass, Volcanic Glass


The energy of obsidian is protective, guarding and secure, reminding us to protect ourselves against the harsh words or actions of others or from the stresses and strains of life. It's good to have around in a working environment where there may be stress. 


It can also be used as a tool to aid grounding, and for uniting body and spirit, bringing them into harmony and focus. Obsidian cuts through all that is superfluous and brings us right back to the truth of how we are and how the world around us truly is. 


It may promote deep soul healing and also help connect with past lives. Pieces of polished black obsidian or obsidian spheres are often used for scrying (seeing things supernaturally within a medium, such as crystal, for divination of past, present or future)


Crystals sold individually, image is shown for variety & example, all crystals are natural and unique


Please always keep crystals away from children as they can look a bit like sweets and are a choking hazard

Black Obsidian Tumblestone

SKU: 356632obs
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